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Scouting with Morals

I am an active member of the LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) Church. I am conservative in my views. I feel the same as the LDS church when it comes...

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Still Working

It’s 11:00 PM, and I can still hear some workers out there working away on the reservoir as I lay here in bed, and try to sleep. Arg! **Update** Well, I don’t know when...

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Rainy Day In July

The day was great with it starting out with rain. It then rained off an on for the rest of the day. A very welcomed, and much appreciated sight. Thank you Lord for blessing...

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Fern Bartlett Funeral

Fern Bartlett passed away yesterday (June 28th) afternoon. Her husband and family are currently deciding on funeral arrangements. More information to follow. **UPDATE** There will be two viewings preceding the funeral services. First Viewing:...

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Merle Cook McKee Watkins Funeral

Merle Cook McKee Watkins passed away at 3pm Monday November 26. Services for Merle Cook McKee Watkins will be on Saturday December 1st. The viewing will start at 10am with the funeral service at 11am. Both will...

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Farrell Simmons Passes Away

Farrell Simmons passed away at 11:05pm Monday November 26 at the age of 98. He passed away with family close at hand tonight. **UPDATE** Services for Farrell Simmons will be on Friday November 30th....

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ResCam & Local Weather

The reservoir web-camera (ResCam), and the local weather reporting is now working. Both items are better than ever before! Links to the daily video feed will be coming back soon.

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Benefit of the Doubt

Years back while still in the early vibrancy of youthful vigor of my mid twenties I learned a simple lesson that has had profound complex application in my life even still today. As with...

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Overcoming Sorrow

“In defense of our wives and children!” the movies say. Hollywood has a way of helping society to feel patriotic about the defense of those that cannot defend themselves. Great stories of the past...